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Removing the Marketplace

It appears to me, that as the Internet gets more sophisticated, we're losing more and more personal privacy. We've come to expect that the Internet is a marketplace in which we exchange portions of our privacy for goods and services.

In some cases, this seems like an equitable exchange.

I aim to express a point of view with each iteration of this blog. I've been thinking a lot about your privacy as I've been retooling this little corner of the Web.

This version, at the core, is about your privacy.

I've never asked anything of the readers that stop by. You're not badgered to sign up for an email newsletter. There are no ads asking for your attention. This has always been a free resource to those interested in exploring the intersection of design, innovation and leadership with me.

I've been blogging for over a decade with this perspective on starting and sharing a dialog, but this is the first iteration that the actual markup has reflected those ideas.

This ethos is expressed in the markup by it's simplicity and structure, designed to allow you to read the content easily outside of this site with your favorite read-later or RSS services. But more importantly, there is NO tracking software running—not Google analytics, no iframes or 3rd party anything of any kind.

Even as I read that last sentence it sounds so foreign to me - almost too foreign - and that's actually kind of sad.