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Phone Design Prompts

We look at our phones north of 100 times a day. That's a lot. Most of the time my phone is waking up from a dark screen and the first thing I see is the lock screen wallpaper. I've started to play around with wallpapers that provoke me to think about my craft. Little did I know, it would provoke onlookers to think and ask questions. It's been a fun little experiment.

Here are a few iPhone wallpapers that I've been playing with. Feel free to save them to your device and see what kind of reaction you get from wandering eyes.

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Design without intuition is an algorithm.
Design alone wont fix it.
Design changes lives.
Giving someone a box of crayons doesn't make them an artist.
Design is the bridge between creativity and innovation.
Design > Engineering
Design matters because people matter.
Design changes the future.
Design is the heartbeat of innovation.
Inspiration comes to those that work for it.
Design is equal part intuition and craft.
Design is more magic than you think it is.
Methods don't make you a designer.
Design is more than methods.
Design is a point of view.
Design isn't a silver bullet.
Design is the bridge between creativity and users.
UX is not the same as UI.
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