Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Transformational Influence

Personal influence thrives when we consider these 3 aspects of human interactions. Align all 3 to make a difference.

3 Steps to Design Thinking

Tom Kelley visits West Michigan, and here are 3 things I learned that may elevate your understanding of Design Thinking.

How to Deconstruct UX for Development

Breaking down UX into actionable bite size pieces to build can be a challenge. Here is one approach that might work for you.

Lessons from Cooper UX Bootcamp 2012

What Cooper's UX Bootcamp taught me about leadership and team dynamics.

Invention is Not Innovation

Know the difference between innovation and invention. One drives growth while the other may be robbing you blind.

Customer Driven Mediocrity

Don't let users derail product quality with feature requests. Know when to say NO and why.

Follow the Directions

The creative process involves visualizing a new future. The future starts in your mind, but it can't stay there!

Worry Is Not The Aim

Worry and concern are not the same thing. Leverage one, and ditch the other.

Innovation 101

Innovation is about capitalizing on new ideas that delivers new value to the customer.

Design 101

Design is about more than making things pretty. Learn more about the process and potential.

Taming Application UX

Video on how to use a UX library, pattern library, or style guide to manage UX