Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Stop Playing Favorites

Employee engagement depends on giving everyone the same opportunity to advance. Giving preference to your favorite employee will hurt moral.

Frustrated with design then, and now

Designers need to consider ways they can add value beyond making something look nice.

Itʼs Time to Deepen Our Empathy

Building empathy with users is a critical step in the design process. Too often we focus on only 3 aspects of the human experience, missing out on a fourth.

Stop Integrating Design Into Development

Treating design like a value-add during the software development process is not the answer to your UX problems. You need to rethink the role of design.

Motivation driven design

The best design opportunities stem from more than just understanding the problems people have.

Fit for design

How do you know if design might be a good career fit? Here is what's made it a good fit for me.

Leading Beyond Product and Service

Building a great product or service requires more than just a product vision, it requires leading a team with clear values and a vision for the future.

The Difference Between Art and Design

Art and design are both creative endeavors, but they are fundamentally different. Know what makes them different and why.

Get a New Perspective

We often forget that our perspective is ours for the choosing. Changing your perspective can help you build empathy and bridges.

Transforming Demographics into Personas

Traditional marketing data can be a great place to start when building a persona. Here is how you can begin using that data to create a solid persona.

Design is the Heartbeat of Innovation

What is the relationship between creativity, design and innovation? Understanding this relationship will unlock new growth.

The Broken Comb is Broken

The demand for quality is raising the bar, making it nearly impossible to be a jack of all trades and deliver excellence.