Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Critical by Nature and How to Stop

Let's face it, designers can be pretty critical if we're not careful. Use these 2 tips to help you avoid these 3 blindspots.

Dangers of Success

How to avoid becoming a victim of your own success

Success isn't always a friend to growth. Keep these 3 gotchas in mind to make sure you don't get caught by your own success.

Rethinking the Wireframe

Wireframes are fundamentally an alignment and learning tool. Iterating should contribute to both aspects, and when they don't, you might be wasting time.

5 Steps to Better Design

When it comes to visual design, these 5 tips can level up your design credibility.

T-Shaped by Demand

Market and customer demands move too fast for the unicorn. Leverage the power of T-shaped teams to deliver higher quality more efficiently.

Design Innovation for Old and New Alike

Technology and business often have a parallel growth rate, which may accelerate the drift between the business value and customer expectation.


Building the right experience is more powerful and a stronger indicator of future success than simply building a product that gets the job done.

Design Poser or Legit?

Modern design is a collaborative sport, but that doesn't mean we can represent someone else's work as our own.

5 Marks of a Great Designer

Designers must be skilled at more than making things pretty. Use these 5 traits to find an exceptional designer—the last one will surprise you.

Designing the Future

Design is about making the invisible visible. In doing so, we transform the future and reshape the human experience.

5 Challenges to Becoming a Better Designer

If design is going to have a seat at the table, designers need to embrace these 5 challenges. Doing so will increase the amount of value a designer can deliver.

Design driven software is the next evolution

Design represents the voice of the user. Positioning the user at the front of the development process is critical to application success.