Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

The dangers of empathy

Empathy is having a moment in the UX and leadership lexicon, but it might be holding you back. Couple empathy with this attribute to unlock real potential.

3 steps to a better critique

Use this simple critique framework to boost moral while driving towards better solutions.

3 Ways Generosity Builds Effective Leadership

Generosity can drastically boost a leaders ability to influence a team, and it doesn't have to cost you an fortune.

Removing the Marketplace

What portions of your privacy are you willing to trade in order to use the Web? Here, on this site, you don't have to trade anything.

Design Week at Michigan House

Michigan House hosted a panel on the value of design during Design Week. I chimed in. :)

Design as a Team Sport - 4 Tips for Better Collaboration

Design is a team sport that takes both designers and developers. Here are 4 practices that will help you leverage the dynamics between designers and developers.

6 Important Lessons Cancer Taught Me that Everyone Should Learn

Cancer, as destructive as it is, has, in many ways, been a good teacher. Here are a few of the life and leadership lessons I’m learning along the way.

Simply Flat

A deeper look at the flat design trend

Flat design has become the status quo, but why? What are the driving cultural reasons behind this trend and what can we learn from it?

Familiarity Breeds Simplicity

Elegance lives on a spectrum between simplicity and clarity; as a result, elegance is a moving target. As familiarity grows, elegance drifts.

Managing The Partnership Spectrum

A diversified portfolio consists of transactional and strategic work. Knowing how to balance your portfolio can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Critical by Nature and How to Stop

Let's face it, designers can be pretty critical if we're not careful. Use these 2 tips to help you avoid these 3 blindspots.

Dangers of Success

How to avoid becoming a victim of your own success

Success isn't always a friend to growth. Keep these 3 gotchas in mind to make sure you don't get caught by your own success.