Get Your Free Course on Unlocking Innovation

Get Your Free Course on Unlocking Innovation

I tussled with fear much of the summer. Concerned about the economy and whether I'd be able to provide for my family while feeling powerless to do anything about it.

I heard Michael Hyatt challenge his team with finding ways to not simply survive 2020 but to make it an exceptional year. I was barely surviving, and it took several days wrestling with that challenge before I was able to consider the possibility.

That prompt lead me back to a truth that shaped the rest of my summer and fall. That is…

Fixing your eyes on serving others is a powerful way to conquer fear.

Fixing your eyes on serving others is a powerful way to conquer fear.

Serving others during a pandemic requires thinking differently… it requires innovating…

As it turns out, we’re all trying to innovate. The old ways are not the new ways, and the new ways are not defined. Peter Drucker’s quote “Innovate or die” has never felt more real.


If innovation is our way forward, could innovation be a means of serving others?

That question lead me to consider, how might I use my schooling and practice in design-driven innovation to serve others?

I was now on a quest, and fear’s grip began to loosen.

This quest lead me to translate my 20+ years of experience helping leaders innovate into a free course that will help you unlock new innovation in your organization.

This free course is exactly that: free. There are no strings attached. Signing up for this course doesn’t put you on a mailing list. Email is simply the mechanism I’m using to throttle the pace of delivery.

I firmly believe that leaders need this course, now more than ever. It will help you think differently about innovation.

Here is a quick overview of the course:

This is my way conquering fear and innovating when it comes to serving others.

I’ve poured a ton of effort and energy into this, and I want you to have it.

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