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Fit for design

I was recently asked: How did you know, nearly 15 years ago when you took the job of Jr. Designer at a publishing company, that it was going to be a good fit?

Up until that point I had short list of illustration awards and an even shorter list of actual design work, and although I would not have been able to articulate it then, this is why I feel design is a good fit for me:

Design is a beautiful intersection of service, creativity and making.

fit for design


Design is executed most often for someone else. It's a service the designer provides. I dig that.


I love the generative and optimistic nature of design – it's a very "can do" discipline.


The process of making is where the rubber hits the road, and proves if the creativity has merit. Without the making aspect of design, I find it too abstract to enjoy.

I'm sure my personality type plays a big role in why I value these aspects of design. In the Myers-Briggs world I am a ISFJ.

What makes you a good fit for design? Do you know your Myers-Briggs personality type? I'd love to hear your response!