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Design Poser or Legit?

Ripping off another designer's work has become the norm in many circles. I think, in part, it reflects a broader trend of regurgitating ideas instead of hatching your own. These ripoffs are easy to spot if you're able to get past the surface, and increasingly harder to camouflage.

As designers, I believe we're responsible for the future we're creating, which demands a measure of honesty that ought to inspire a society to rise to a new level. Ripping off a fellow creative's work isn't creating a future worth pursuing.

I've personally witnessed younger designers stealing work and ideas in order to enhance their portfolio or build their reputation. They fail to realize that it does the exact opposite.


Original vs Stolen

Getting to fresh, original ideas takes time and discipline. Stealing another's work robs you from the learning journey it takes to create great work, and robs the originator from the credit they deserve. In the end, it is nothing more than a lie.

As a design community I think it's important that we call out fellow designers for being dishonest about their work (I'm speaking primarily about those who represent someone else's work as their own). Allowing dishonest behavior within our ranks to flourish hurts us all.

For further reading, let me recommend:

One note of caution to young designers, don't put a fellow designer's work in your portfolio. Ever.

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