Unlocking Innovation
Pillar no. 2


Strategy involves more than positioning your brand or making a plan. Strategy plays a vital role in pursuing new, innovative ideas. Effective strategy helps you identify areas of opportunity to innovate through the unique arrangement of capabilities and resources. Strategy positions your organization for the long haul and should always aim to elevate the human experience. Let’s explore three aspects of effective strategy:

Unique Identify the unique activities, resources, and talents that set you apart from the competition. Amplify and leverage the elements that make you distinctive.

Sustainable Think beyond the environment and optimize for the health and wellbeing of your organization and team.

Ethical Evaluate strategic decisions in light of what is not only legal but good for humanity. Don’t let innovation blind you to the human ramifications behind each new idea.

The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

Michael Porter

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Weekly Team Challenge

Discuss the 3 elements of strategy. Where is your team in danger of missing the human impact of your organization’s current strategies? Identify one thing you can do this week to protect human dignity.

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