Unlocking Innovation
Pillar no. 3


Methods like Design Thinking, Agile, and LEAN enable us to unlock innovation. Innovation-focused methods provide tools to collaborate with our customers and fellow team members. They help us solve problems in new and different ways, but it is important to apply the right method to the right problem. Methods lead us in the wrong direction if we’re not using the right one for the problem at hand. Let’s unpack three approaches to leveraging innovation-focused methods:

The right method for the problem Not every problem should be solved with Design Thinking, Agile, or today’s preferred method. Try different methods to learn how to apply the right one to the problem at hand.

Change things up Danger lurks when you fall in love with a particular method. Each method contains blind spots. Changing things up provides new perspective and deters getting in a method rut.

Cross-functional Cross-functional collaboration yields superior results, regardless of the method. Diverse experiences, skills, and perspectives unlock the real potential within innovation-focused methods.

Like a muscle, your creative abilities will grow and strengthen with practice.

Tom Kelley

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Weekly Team Challenge

Discuss the methods your team currently employs. Where are you in a method rut? Identify one new method to explore this week to increase collaboration and safety.

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