Unlocking Innovation
Pillar no. 1


Leadership makes or breaks any new initiative. It has the power to set the trajectory of your team, foster new ways of thinking, and accelerate innovation. You don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs, Bob Iger, or Elon Musk to lead new innovation though. You can take a leadership stance that fosters innovation, right where you are. In this video, let's discover 3 attributes of leadership that can help you unlock innovation now:

Ambition Convey a strong desire to achieve something. Your contagious ambition fuels creative energy within your team.

Emotional Safety Foster the confidence and safety for others to risk being wrong. Safety lays the foundation for ambitious teams to do bold work.

Culture of Collaboration Facilitate and encourage the connection between people and ideas. Ensuring diverse input creates the catalyst for generating new perspectives and insights.

Everything rises and falls with leadership.

John C. Maxwell

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Weekly Team Challenge

Discuss the 3 attributes of leadership. In which attribute does your organization excel. Identify one attribute your team can improve on this week.

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