Unlocking Innovation
Pillar no. 5


Leadership and Compassion bookend this course because they are the two most important aspects to unlocking meaningful innovation. Compassion fuels and powers true customer-centered innovation. It addresses real need and activates resources, power, and talent to serve real human experience. Let’s delve into 3 aspects of compassion that propel meaningful innovation:

Empathy Start with empathy. Empathy enables you to understand how others feel in their shoes, not how you would feel in their shoes. Empathy offers valuable  perspective to unleash compassion and deliver meaningful customer value.

Others Focused Practice prioritizing the needs of others. Staying others-focused provides a service-oriented mindset that positions you to see opportunities from a new perspective.

Intrinsically Connected Find ways to identify and understand the connections we all share. Compassion highlights those connections and reminds us we are all in this together.

Love is the strongest kind of army because it generates no resistance.

David Brooks

Recommended Reading

The Dangers of Empathy

Kedron Rhodes

Why compassion is essential for design leaders


Sympathy vs. Empathy in UX

Nielsen Norman Group

Weekly Team Challenge

Share an act of compassion that shaped how you view the world. Discuss how your organization can grow in compassion toward your customers and the world around you. Identify an act of compassion your team can engage in this week, whether internally within your team or by serving the community around you.

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