Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Anchoring UX

What does your team stand for and where are you headed? These are hard questions to answer. Here is how my team has been wrestling through them.

10 Tours and 10 Lessons

10 lessons I've learned over 10 tours and almost 20 years of being a designer.

4 Key Aspects of a Thriving Creative Culture

Level up these 4 aspects within your team culture in order to build a culture that supports creativity.

Technology: The Thrill of Discovery

Cornerstone University dedicated an Alumni Journal to alumni working in STEM, including yours truly!

Leadership And Strategy Are Nothing Without It

Leadership and strategy share this in common and they are dead in the water without it.

In Pursuit of Greatness

In pursuit of greatness can quickly trample the virtues of goodness. I've lost sight of that, and here is what it's taught me.

3 Ways Generosity Builds Strong Leadership

Generosity can drastically boost a leaders ability to influence a team, and it doesn't have to cost you an fortune.

Removing the Marketplace

What portions of your privacy are you willing to trade in order to use the Web? Here, on this site, you don't have to trade anything.

6 Lessons Cancer Taught Me that You Should Learn

Cancer, as destructive as it is, has, in many ways, been a good teacher. Here are a few of the life and leadership lessons I’m learning along the way.

Managing The Partnership Spectrum

A diversified portfolio consists of transactional and strategic work. Knowing how to balance your portfolio can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Critical by Nature and How to Stop

Let's face it, designers can be pretty critical if we're not careful. Use these 2 tips to help you avoid these 3 blindspots.

Dangers of Success

How to avoid becoming a victim of your own success

Success isn't always a friend to growth. Keep these 3 gotchas in mind to make sure you don't get caught by your own success.

T-Shaped by Demand

Market and customer demands move too fast for the unicorn. Leverage the power of T-shaped teams to deliver higher quality more efficiently.

Stop Playing Favorites

Employee engagement depends on giving everyone the same opportunity to advance. Giving preference to your favorite employee will hurt moral.

Frustrated with design then, and now

Designers need to consider ways they can add value beyond making something look nice.

Fit for design

How do you know if design might be a good career fit? Here is what's made it a good fit for me.

Leading Beyond Product and Service

Building a great product or service requires more than just a product vision, it requires leading a team with clear values and a vision for the future.

Get a New Perspective

We often forget that our perspective is ours for the choosing. Changing your perspective can help you build empathy and bridges.

The Broken Comb is Broken

The demand for quality is raising the bar, making it nearly impossible to be a jack of all trades and deliver excellence.

3 Steps to Build a Culture of Optimism

Optimism is crucial to a healthy design culture, and here are 3 things you can do to boost optimism!

Transformational Influence

Personal influence thrives when we consider these 3 aspects of human interactions. Align all 3 to make a difference.

Lessons from Cooper UX Bootcamp 2012

What Cooper's UX Bootcamp taught me about leadership and team dynamics.

Worry Is Not The Aim

Worry and concern are not the same thing. Leverage one, and ditch the other.