Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Wizards of the Digital Age

West Michigan tech leaders change the world with the Internet of Things - Interview with Rapid Growth

3 Critical Factors to Decision Making

Deciding what to do next depends on these 3 factors. Ignoring one or more could be dangerous.

Integrating Strategy Into the Customer Experience

Strategy and customer experience are two aspects of the same conversation, but they rarely overlap. This framework aims to bring the two together.

Design Innovation for Old and New Alike

Technology and business often have a parallel growth rate, which may accelerate the drift between the business value and customer expectation.


Building the right experience is more powerful and a stronger indicator of future success than simply building a product that gets the job done.

Itʼs Time to Deepen Our Empathy

Building empathy with users is a critical step in the design process. Too often we focus on only 3 aspects of the human experience, missing out on a fourth.

Transforming Demographics into Personas

Traditional marketing data can be a great place to start when building a persona. Here is how you can begin using that data to create a solid persona.

Design is the Heartbeat of Innovation

What is the relationship between creativity, design and innovation? Understanding this relationship will unlock new growth.

Stick Figure vs Photographs

Provisional personas are like stick figures, they lack credibility and set the design dicipline up for failure.

Invention is Not Innovation

Know the difference between innovation and invention. One drives growth while the other may be robbing you blind.

Customer Driven Mediocrity

Don't let users derail product quality with feature requests. Know when to say NO and why.

Innovation 101

Innovation is about capitalizing on new ideas that delivers new value to the customer.