Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Phone Design Prompts

We look at our phones over 100 times a day. These design reminders keep the conversation alive.

What Designers Need To Know About Design Thinking

What designers (and non-designers) misunderstand about design thinking and what to do about it.

Design is More Than Methods

Can you boil design down to a sequence of methods? Sure, but is it good design?

The Hidden Power of Design

Design has many uses, but few are more powerful than this gem to catapult ideas forward.

Talking Human-Centered Design

The beautiful people at Digital Telepathy interviewed yours truly for a UX practitioner series on their industry recognized blog.

The dangers of empathy

Empathy is having a moment in the UX and leadership lexicon, but it might be holding you back. Couple empathy with this attribute to unlock real potential.

3 steps to a better critique

Use this simple critique framework to boost moral while driving towards better solutions.

Design Week at Michigan House

Michigan House hosted a panel on the value of design during Design Week. I chimed in. :)

Design as a Team Sport

Design is a team sport that takes both designers and developers. Here are 4 practices that will help you leverage the dynamics between designers and developers.

Simply Flat

A deeper look at the flat design trend

Flat design has become the status quo, but why? What are the driving cultural reasons behind this trend and what can we learn from it?

Familiarity Breeds Simplicity

Elegance lives on a spectrum between simplicity and clarity; as a result, elegance is a moving target. As familiarity grows, elegance drifts.

Rethinking the Wireframe

Wireframes are fundamentally an alignment and learning tool. Iterating should contribute to both aspects, and when they don't, you might be wasting time.

5 Steps to Better Design

When it comes to visual design, these 5 tips can level up your design credibility.

Design Poser or Legit?

Modern design is a collaborative sport, but that doesn't mean we can represent someone else's work as our own.

5 Marks of a Great Designer

Designers must be skilled at more than making things pretty. Use these 5 traits to find an exceptional designer—the last one will surprise you.

Designing the Future

Design is about making the invisible visible. In doing so, we transform the future and reshape the human experience.

5 Challenges to Becoming a Better Designer

If design is going to have a seat at the table, designers need to embrace these 5 challenges. Doing so will increase the amount of value a designer can deliver.

Design driven software is the next evolution

Design represents the voice of the user. Positioning the user at the front of the development process is critical to application success.

Stop Integrating Design Into Development

Treating design like a value-add during the software development process is not the answer to your UX problems. You need to rethink the role of design.

Motivation driven design

The best design opportunities stem from more than just understanding the problems people have.

The Difference Between Art and Design

Art and design are both creative endeavors, but they are fundamentally different. Know what makes them different and why.

3 Steps to Design Thinking

Tom Kelley visits West Michigan, and here are 3 things I learned that may elevate your understanding of Design Thinking.

How to Deconstruct UX for Development

Breaking down UX into actionable bite size pieces to build can be a challenge. Here is one approach that might work for you.

Follow the Directions

The creative process involves visualizing a new future. The future starts in your mind, but it can't stay there!

Design 101

Design is about more than making things pretty. Learn more about the process and potential.

Taming Application UX

Video on how to use a UX library, pattern library, or style guide to manage UX