Kedron Rhodes Helping leaders innovate by design.

4 Key Ingredients to a Thriving Creative Culture

Have you ever wondered how to have a more creative team with greater creative energy and output? Here I share 4 ingredients that you can start including today that will add to a thriving creative culture.

A new way to think about innovation

It is easy to put blinders on when we label something innovative. That can be dangerous. This is my approach to zooming out and considering the implications of pursuing innovation.

Is design thinking killing innovation?

Design Thinking promises new and creative ideas, but does it deliver on that promise? I'll share my experience with design thinking, and things you can do to increase your creative output.

What is design thinking?

There are countless definitions of Design Thinking. Some are helpful, most are not. Here is the definition that I find to be the most helpful, and I picked it up from a design legend!

What is design anyway?

What is design anyway? Design is a fuzzy word. It has a different definition, depending on who you ask. Here are 3 anchors I hold to when I define design.

Phone Design Prompts

We look at our phones over 100 times a day. These design reminders keep the conversation alive.

What Designers Need To Know About Design Thinking

What designers (and non-designers) misunderstand about design thinking and what to do about it.

Anchoring UX

What does your team stand for and where are you headed? These are hard questions to answer. Here is how my team has been wrestling through them.

10 Tours and 10 Lessons

10 lessons I've learned over 10 tours and almost 20 years of being a designer.

4 Key Aspects of a Thriving Creative Culture

Level up these 4 aspects within your team culture in order to build a culture that supports creativity.

Wizards of the Digital Age

West Michigan tech leaders change the world with the Internet of Things - Interview with Rapid Growth

Technology: The Thrill of Discovery

Cornerstone University dedicated an Alumni Journal to alumni working in STEM, including yours truly!