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Helping leaders innovate by design

Hi, my name is Kedron Rhodes.

I help leaders innovate in ways that respect people, care for the planet, and boost the bottom line, through the power of design.

Kedron Rhodes - Design Thinking & Human Centered Design.

Design makes bold promises about the future and has for the last 20+ years that I’ve been a designer. Design doesn’t always deliver on those promises, and the outcomes can be disastrous. This site is where I explore how leadership, innovation, and design work together to deliver on those promises.

I've worked with innovative leaders from over 100 organizations.

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If you want to maximize the potential of design, start with a leadership posture that unlocks new and different ways of thinking and leading.

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Innovation drives new growth, and it is riddled with risk. Not innovating is even riskier, not only for your business but for the future we all share.

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The true power of design lies in the unique way in which it interprets the world. Misunderstanding design is a recipe for disaster.

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