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Kedron Rhodes - Design Thinking & Human Centered Design.

Expectations have changed

Customer expectations move at a dizzying digital pace. Exceeding expectations requires creativity, insight, and discipline.

Staying ahead of expectations requires new ways of thinking, new connections, and new perspective. Opportunities to innovate are everywhere, and knowing which ones to pursue shouldn't be a mystery.

Don't go it alone

I’ve spent the last 25+ years helping smart, ambitious leaders just like you, find new opportunities to innovate and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Postgraduate focus in Design and Innovation Management
  • Successfully delivered 100's of projects
Kedron Rhodes

A Proven Approach to Discovering New Value

1 Encounter

Change your perspective and change everything

  • Gain a deeper understanding of human behavior
  • Survey the changing landscape
  • Be open to surprises

2 Explore

Forge new paths and make new connections

  • Push the edges
  • Embrace the conflicts
  • Imagine a brighter future

3 Evolve

Create the future in order to learn what future to create

  • Start small and dream big
  • Discover learning as a way of working
  • Love the problem, not the solution

Kedron is a strong mentor and leader for our team and the teams we work with. His mastery of human centered design thinking helps level up our teams and understanding of how to make great software.

Testimony from Mari-Megan

Mari-Megan Moore CX/UX Leader Professor & Consultant

Kedron brings the extraordinarily rare combination of technical brilliance, creative genius, and a generously likeable personality to your team. His creativity and innovative perspective are part of who he is, how he thinks, and how he views the world.

Testimony from Marcy

Marcy Schorsch CEO MS Value Builders

Kedron has the rare ability to combine personal creative authority with the ability to listen, combining intuition that flows from his extensive experience with inspiration from the outside world, exhibiting an acute interest in and empathy for unmet consumer needs.

Testimony Neil

Neil Martin Ministry Leader Pastors' Academy

Ways I Can Help

Strategy Design

I will help you identify new opportunities that give you a competitive advantage and align capabilities with customer needs.

  • Customer & market insights
  • Product planning & management
  • Competitive analysis & positioning
Experience Design

Through design thinking, I will help you understand your customer's experience and discover ways to enhance and deliver value.

  • Customer journey map
  • Experience assessment & vision
  • Design thinking leadership & facilitation
Product Design

I will help your team deliver elegant mobile or web apps with an exceptional user experience, rooted in a solid design system.

  • DesignOps & design leadership
  • Information architecture & interaction design
  • Design system & product backbone

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