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Worry Is Not The Aim

Worry is not an attribute to aspire to or admire. Maybe that seems obvious, but here is why I’m voicing my option on the matter: A few short days ago I was conversing with a fellow designer who relayed a conversation he was apart of in which a developer suggested that designers can’t/wont be good […]

Published January 23rd, 2012

Innovation 101

Innovation is about exploiting new ideas. Easy to say, but few pull it off with any amount of grace. Fundamentally, it’s about delivering new value to the customer. There are lots of ingredients needed to make innovation impactful, substantive and sustainable. One model, widely accepted, is by generating new products or services focused on feasibility, […]

Published January 9th, 2012

Design 101

Design is a loaded word. It means something different depending who you talk to. For example, design in the context of an innovation services firm (like IDEO) means something entirely different than design at an ad agency. Unfortunately for many, lack of understanding for what design is and what it can do for products, goods […]

Published January 2nd, 2012