Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

Rethinking the Wireframe

Have you ever spent time putting together a low fidelity wireframe only to find the rough design doesn’t hold up as you add fidelity? In some cases, the integrity of the design crumbles and you are forced to drop back into rough design. Of course, even this clumsy method is more efficient than starting with […]

Published March 3rd, 2014

5 Steps to Better Design

I’ve been approached countless times by developers asking me to help them bring rhythm and balance to a page in their app. My typical response is not to wave the design wand, but rather to show them where they can apply a few simple principles and techniques to bring rhythm and balance on their own. […]

Published August 5th, 2013

T-Shaped by Demand

One of the most fundamental ingredients for successfully bringing a product to market is an effective and diverse team. With all the talk about Broken-Comb and T-Shaped individuals, it’s helpful to know how to evaluate what will work best for you and your team. Pros Cons Broken-Comb Skilled at adapting to new context Broad knowledge […]

Published July 29th, 2013

Design Innovation for Old and New Alike

Innovation has gone through a metamorphosis over the last decade as it has transitioned focus from efficiency to the customer. There is still plenty of room for innovation to happen at the efficiency level, much of which is incremental and formulaic. As the customer has taken center stage, design has been elevated as a strategic […]

Published July 15th, 2013


As the lean startup approach has saturated much of the tech world, I’ve watched a handful of interesting MVPs (minimal viable product) crumble after the first — and fatal — introduction to users. I’m quite confident that some of these misfortunes could have been avoided had the product owners tweaked their perspective on what they […]

Published July 8th, 2013

Design Poser or Legit?

Ripping off another designer’s work has become the norm in many circles. I think, in part, it reflects a broader trend of regurgitating ideas instead of hatching your own. These ripoffs are easy to spot if you’re able to get past the surface, and increasingly harder to camouflage. As designers, I believe we’re responsible for […]

Published July 8th, 2013

5 Marks of a Great Designer

Finding good design help goes further than evaluating their portfolio. The portfolio can be a litmus test for the type of quality a designer might be able to produce, unfortunately, the portfolio is a tragically inadequate tool to measure the real qualities of a good designer. If you find yourself in need of good design […]

Published July 1st, 2013