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6 Important Lessons Cancer Taught Me that Everyone Should Learn

Nervous energy coursed through my body. The anesthetics weren’t kicking in as fast I expected them to. To break my body’s tension as the nurses steered my hospital bed under the bright lights, and to let them know I was still awake, I commented about the music booming through the operating room. “The doctor likes […]

Published November 5th, 2014

Simply Flat

For a time, it was hard to have a conversation about visual design without someone asking my opinion on “flat vs skeuomorphic.” I would do my best to dodge the question, in hopes for a less heated conversation. Those flame wars have since smoldered out, thankfully. Although I prefer, in most cases, a flatter approach […]

Published October 6th, 2014

Familiarity Breeds Simplicity

A natural constraint to any design engagement is striking the balance between simplicity and clarity. On one end of the spectrum, if the design is too simple, we lose clarity, making it unusable. On the other end of the spectrum, if the design focuses too much on clarity we sacrifice simplicity, decreasing usability. Good design […]

Published September 15th, 2014

Managing The Partnership Spectrum

The older I get and the more experience I have to offer, the more I’m concerned with where I’m engaging on the partnership spectrum. What is the partnership spectrum? The partnership spectrum is a model I use to understand the type of relationship I have with a client. On one end of the spectrum, the […]

Published August 25th, 2014

Critical by Nature and How to Stop

A hallmark of a great designer leader is the ability to see through the mess, complexity and bureaucracy and envision a solution. In a word, optimism. So why do so many designers come across bitterly critical? I’ve observed (and been guilty) these 3 reasons. 1 Designers are forged through the fire of critique. The design […]

Published August 11th, 2014

Dangers of Success

How to avoid becoming a victim of your own success

Success isn’t always a friend to professional growth. I’ve worked in 3 professional service firms over the last 16 years, and each one has been successful from their own perspective. While at GSL Solutions, we won more Congressional Management Foundation awards than any other firm, year after year. Atomic Object is one of the most […]

Published July 7th, 2014

Rethinking the Wireframe

Have you ever spent time putting together a low fidelity wireframe only to find the rough design doesn’t hold up as you add fidelity? In some cases, the integrity of the design crumbles and you are forced to drop back into rough design. Of course, even this clumsy method is more efficient than starting with […]

Published March 3rd, 2014