Kedron Rhodes Thoughts on Design, Innovation & Leadership

3 Critical Factors to Decision Making

Deciding what to do next depends on these 3 factors. Ignoring one or more could be dangerous.

The Hidden Power of Design

Design has many uses, but few are more powerful than this gem to catapult ideas forward.

Leadership And Strategy Are Nothing Without It

Leadership and strategy share this in common and they are dead in the water without it.

In Pursuit of Greatness

In pursuit of greatness can quickly trample the virtues of goodness. I've lost sight of that, and here is what it's taught me.

Integrating Strategy Into the Customer Experience

Strategy and customer experience are two aspects of the same conversation, but they rarely overlap. This framework aims to bring the two together.

Talking Human-Centered Design With Kedron Rhodes

The beautiful people at Digital Telepathy interviewed yours truly for a UX practitioner series on their industry recognized blog.

The dangers of empathy

Empathy is having a moment in the UX and leadership lexicon, but it might be holding you back. Couple empathy with this attribute to unlock real potential.

3 steps to a better critique

Use this simple critique framework to boost moral while driving towards better solutions.

3 Ways Generosity Builds Effective Leadership

Generosity can drastically boost a leaders ability to influence a team, and it doesn't have to cost you an fortune.

Removing the Marketplace

What portions of your privacy are you willing to trade in order to use the Web? Here, on this site, you don't have to trade anything.

Design as a Team Sport - 4 Tips for Better Collaboration

Design is a team sport that takes both designers and developers. Here are 4 practices that will help you leverage the dynamics between designers and developers.

6 Important Lessons Cancer Taught Me that Everyone Should Learn

Cancer, as destructive as it is, has, in many ways, been a good teacher. Here are a few of the life and leadership lessons I’m learning along the way.